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Since 2009, the uncompromising attitude of Isha towards quality, client satisfaction and providing world class products coupled with our transparent trade practices has helped us to carve a special niche for ourselves in today's cut-throat business scenario.

Annual turnover is USD 150 million covering our client base span across Middle East, Asia and Africa. The Company has its interests in a wide range of Industrial Products and solutions for large scale Project Developments.

Over the years, being successful, the Company has earned a formidable reputation by offering wide range of quality products as per the client requirements supported by high level of professional and expert service in terms of reliability and industry best offers.




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The team at Isha Trading Co. has in-depth experience to advise, lead, and assist in providing tailored solutions on turn key projects through;

Being an Exim trading Co. based in UAE, we have established extensive network on both the sides of our business operations. On supply side our network comprises of leading companies who provide us with technologically advanced industrial products, whereas our team comprises of professionals that have the engineering, and in-depth regulatory background to advise, lead, and assist in implementing the solutions required of our clients and product supply needs that lead to complete customized solution offerings.

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Isha is on a constant lookout for people with an urge to excel & seek perfection in their areas of specialization. We are on a constant lookout for people across the following disciplines:

Isha promises to offer challenging, exciting client engagements & an organizational culture that emphasizes learning. We drive every individual to excel in their individual capacities & as a team player. Each client engagement provides a unique opportunity to innovate & excel.

Candidates interested in seeking a career with us can email their CV to: info@ishagulf.com

Please note:
As the number of applications we receive is very high, we assure you that we would peruse through your CV, but may not be able to contact all possible candidates. Only successful & appropriate candidates would be contacted.


Performance Wire and Cable includes tracer wire, pet fencing, ground wire, and electrical wiring. Fabricated using quality material, the products exhibit attributes like resistant to extreme insulation surge current’s, moisture and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

TW/THW (tracer wire) from Performance Wire and Cable is ideal for a variety of general-purpose applications, including machine tools, circuits, and internal appliance wiring. It is also available for use in commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Its insulation is made up of a high molecular weight high-density polyethylene, making the wire very robust and resistant to crushing, abrasions, chemicals, oil, and moisture.

Performance Wire and Cable offers different styles and gauges of electrical wiring for grounding projects and applications. It is available in solid or stranded copper grounding wire, both in large or small gauge conductors. Our ground wire is available bare or with polyvinyl compound (PVC) or HMWPE insulation.

We provide turn key solutions for supply and installation of high quality large-gauge conductor electric pet fence wire to be used in pet fence wiring.

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Lighting Systems operates from the core principle that it is safer and more cost effective to bring the fixture to the worker instead of the other way around. By offering an integrated suite of lighting products and installation solutions that allow workers to reach the fixture from the ground or walkway, we are making industrial environments safer and reducing costs on installation and lighting maintenance. We have lighting solutions from parking lots and perimeter lighting to industrial facilities and construction sites. Since poor lighting conditions are responsible for the majority of reported incidents in industrial facilities make ILS Products part of your solution.

Lighting allows government, commercial and industrial business to operate 24 hours a day increasing productively and ensuring security and safety of site operations, employees and visitors at night.

Outdoor lighting makes efficient use of your existing facilities allowing business to function the same as in the day with no downtime.

Lighting an industrial environment require a wide variety of considerations as many elements work to impact the amount of light reaching a surface, as well as its quality. We at IGT have the pre-requisite knowledge and experience to provide structured solutions to all business needs.

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Structural Sections are steel construction maretials such as beams and channels formed with a specific shape or cross section and certain standards of chemical composition and mechanical properties. Popular shapes we supply include U,H,I and L shapes used in building large structures such as multi-storey buildings and bridges. In addition we also supply:


Structural Steel Pipes for Steel fencing, handrails, columns, stove pipes, exhaust pipes, chimney pipes & poles.

Flat Bars

Flat bar application prospect, is widely used in hardware appliances, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, electric power, energy, building upholster, nuclear power, aerospace, military industry and for other industrial applications.

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The conduit for wiring contributes to physical properties and lifecycle cost advantages. The use of conduit in a building ensures that if a circuit has to be replaced or added, it is easy to pull out conductors and replace them while keeping the conduit intact.

Over the life of the building, this sustainable characteristic of steel conduit permits great flexibility, provides superior mechanical protection of conductors and reduces renovation/replacement costs. At end of life, steel conduit is 100 percent recyclable.

The Conduit Fittings are based on technical standards and guidelines largely influenced by government affairs and trade issues, and providing an array of product ranging from bushings to flexible metal fittings. Some of the products we offer include

Conduits: Galvanized Rigid Conduit

A conduit made from galvanized steel tubing is commonly referred as a rigid conduit. The thickness of a galvanized rigid conduit protects the electrical wiring from being hit and allows it to be threaded. Galvanized rigid conduits are used by electricians in commercial and industrial applications.

Conduits: Flexible Metallic Conduit

A flexible metallic conduit forms a hollow tube in which electrical wires are passed. It is highly recommended in dry areas. The Flexible Metallic Conduit, also called Greenfield of flex, does not maintain permanent bend.

Conduits: PVC Conduits

PVC is the lightest conduit material and usually the lower cost conduit material. PVC conduits can vary in thickness depending on the uses and its intended installation.

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Industrial Power Inverters are significant for powering different industrial machines and equipment. Known for their high and defect free performance, they are designed for reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions, and for low life cycle costs.

These products have longer service life with less maintenance required .They are compact and versatile with high efficiency.

We can facilitate the supply and installation of inverters on project sites in special packaging material and delivered to the clients in a secure manner in the most complex of locations.

Key Features of the inverters:

High quality and availability of energy adapted to suit specific needs.
Covering a vast range of applications.
Extremely low return noise and no disturbance to talking quality.
Special charging system, designed for better protection of battery life.
Short circuit, overload, over voltage and low battery protection.
Compatible with generators and suitable for harsh environment.

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Designed for exceptional performance in the most rigorous applications of the construction and industrial users. The wide range of power options makes them ideal for powering everything from construction sites , utility trucks and emergency service vehicles to factory maintenance applications, emergency power back-up situations and farm and ranch applications.

The Generators are assembled with synchronous alternator and control system which make them ideal solution for prime and standby power supply of any facility.

Designed to handle the most critical and heavy duty demands and are fully configurable and customizable. The rugged and simple design makes local repair easy.

Key Features:

High surge capacity for motor starting capabilities
Low fuel consumption makes them environmentally friendly
Idler Control (Most models)
Cost effective power with low noise
Can handle large backup power requirements
Low costs of maintenance and repair
Low oil Shutdown
Supreme reliability and compatibility

Trailer Type Mobile generator

Trailer Type Mobile generator sets with sound proof, weather proof enclosures are equipped with internal generator set mounted on base fuel tank, vibration mountings, visible control panel, and mechanical supporting legs. They are ideal for outdoor operation with the advantage of being able to relocate the power wherever it is most required.

Trailer Type Mobile generators are equipped with an automatic transfer switch as an option which starts up and provides backup electricity generation as soon as there is a power failure.

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We offer UPS solutions applied to servers, data centers, critical network devices, sensitive electronic equipment, telecom, enterprise several small and medium sized LAN’s, small rooms, small precision electronic instruments.

Solutions include;

Tower Model

Typically used in network workstations or desktop computer applications.

Rack-Mount Model

Rack-mount models can be mounted in standard 19" rack enclosures and can require anywhere from 1U to 12U (rack space). They are typically used in server and networking applications.

Includes hot swappable battery packs
Offers rack convertible options
Includes network management capabilities
Provides extended runtimes
Includes double conversion online topology
Greatly increased Efficiency even at partial load
Automatic and manual bypass


For the most stringent requirements and specifications in high-end industrial applications:

Oil and Gas (Petrochemicals, Offshore, FPSO, Onshore, Pipelines etc.).
Energy and Electricity (Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution).
Water (Desalination, Treatment, and Pipeline).
Instrumentation and Process Control (Chemical, Steel, Pulp and Paper).
All high end industrial applications.

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The Industrial Transformers have been a huge hit among the industrial clients because of their technologically advanced nature and trouble free operations. They are available in multi variants, and have been very effective in numerous Industrial Applications. Lower weight and smaller size of these transformers makes it easier for installation and handling.


Typically used in network workstations or desktop computer applications.

Designed for lower weight and smaller size for easier installation and handling.
Heavy duty sheet Metal enclosures for better durability in severe industrial applications.
Large connection compartment for ease of wiring and installation.
Heat applied gray powder coat finish to resist corrosion in industrial environments.
Core made from high quality electrical steel for increased efficiency and lower operating costs.
Taps provided on primary to compensate for voltage variations (as optional).

Our application solutions include:

All General loads, indoors and outdoors, including lighting, industrial and commercial
Office building
Housing complex

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